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The peaceful place that I call home.

View From my Garden

When I walk to the end of my garden this is what i see...

Ryde Isle of Wight

One of my favourite places

I am a well-known  White Witch and clairvoyant  who is caring but direct who loves to help.  I work an on going healing list for matters of health and well-being. I am happy to put you on my healing list which of course is free of charge, but it is rather different to the spells that I offer. 

My spells which will be available again in late summer, are all custom created for you and your situation,  and in order to complete this I will need all of your details in your contact at the time of ordering your reading. It is important that the initial approach to me, it is important the details are included from the start as I cannot spare the time for backwards and forwards communication trying to ascertain what it is that you need when there are so many people requesting my help. This is especially so if it is to be a free of charge spell. So please if you are approaching me about  a spell  please give me all of the details on form at the very start. I will then be in a position to help you more fully.


Once I receive your details I will reply to you to let you know how long it will be before I can cast your spell. Some people like to send photographs through and that is possible, once I reply to you you can send them to my e-mail address as attachments or in the body of the e-mail.

Please note there are no free of charge spells available at the moment.


I look forward to hearing from you