Enyas Spiritual Home

The peaceful place that I call home.

View From my Garden

When I walk to the end of my garden this is what i see...

Ryde Isle of Wight

One of my favourite places

I want to ask questions about other people, can this be done and do I have to include their details?
Yes , this is possible as long as it relates to yourself and is not purely based on the the other person. I will also require their details.

Are you online all the time, and can I contact you at any time?
I am mostly online each day,  I always try to reply to my clients quickly. If you have not had a reply from me within 48 hours it is just as well to resend to me now, no offence will be taken, and this is due to the occasional e-mail going astray especially from the free e-mail companies and occasionally AOL.


Do you provide telephone contact?
No, I work on the Internet I always respond to e-mail or postal contact though and find this works very well.

How long will I wait for a reading?
I aim to turn all readings around within 48 hours as a maximum, often much sooner.


Can I order a spell with you?

Free spells are no longer available.

Is there a catch with your spells?

No! there is no catch although I get asked this question several times every day. 

Can you provide readings free of charge?

Unfortunately no. This is my paid work and it is what I do for my living. All of my readings are very reasonably priced, and if there is a genuine case of hardship I can usually come to some agreement with the client in order for them to receive a short reading.

 How soon will my spell be cast?

I endeavoured to cast all spells as soon as possible after they are ordered. However because of this being a free of charge service I usually offer the spell within 24 hours.