Enyas Spiritual Home

The peaceful place that I call home.

View From my Garden

When I walk to the end of my garden this is what i see...

Ryde Isle of Wight

One of my favourite places

Please let me introduce myself, my name is  Enya and I am a true clairvoyant and white witch. I offer my spell work free of charge,.............. yes that's right free of charge.

I have been brought up in a spiritual family, and I have worked in this manner for many years.

I work mainly on the Internet, and also by post.  I am quite well-known as a caring but direct White Witch and clairvoyant who loves to help. In a world full of doubt and scepticism I have chosen a path of trust in human nature. And to this end I perform all of my healing spells free of charge.

I live on the Isle of Wight, an island off of the South Coast of England, in a fairly remote location within the countryside, and I live a very quiet existence with my daughter and our selection of pets!  I grow herbs and flowers which I use in my remedies and spells, and I draw very much on the earth's natural energy to help me with my work.

I work by tuning into your vibration after carrying out extensive divinations, and I also use Tarot cards to focus on an issue as and when necessary.  I am very much to the point, with no gobbledegook nonsense! And I always immediately take on board my clients' concerns and I realise the importance of communication and how important a fast response to your concerns are. Please contact me via the contact form.